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Throughout its history, JGM has pursued a primary focus in park, trail and recreation master planning, design and construction oversight. JGM has master planned, implemented, and established design guidelines for hundreds of parks, trails and recreation facilities throughout Washington and Alaska. The firm’s park projects embrace the full range of program possibilities, ranging from conservancy "nature" parks to urban hardscapes with a "people" focus. From the over 500-acre Marymoor Park, located in east King County, to the Lake City Mini Park north of Seattle, JGM’s park projects embrace the communities which they serve.

Likewise, JGM’s trail projects range from "urban" riverfront trails to "nature" trails traversing rural areas. These trails have followed rivers, roadways, abandoned railroads, greenbelts and shared utility rights-of-ways. In analyzing trail corridors, JGM strives to find the optimum route to link neighborhoods and communities to each other and to other resources.

Many of these projects have featured specialized irrigation systems, complex drainage systems and special surfacing materials. Sensitive areas such as wetlands, poorly drained soils, high water tables and steep slopes, common to the Northwest, are often encountered during the design of recreational projects. JGM has considerable experience working with a wide variety of conditions, incorporating them into the final design solution. JGM landscape architects in Bellevue Washington.